BMPS Teams Qualified for Finals

BMPS Season 1 Teams for Grand Finale

by Karun Sharma

A long league stage of BMPS season 1 comes to an end on 5 June with 16 teams qualify for finals starting on 9 June to 12 June, a complete domination shown by old teams and a difficult tournament for underdog teams. Audience witnessed Team Soul comeback finished on 2nd position with a total of 519 points. Only 2 teams were able to score more than 500 points , OR esports finished on top of the table with 562 points.

BMPS Teams qualified for Finals

A big surprise was given by Mortal as he played matches on last of the league stage , audience got very excited spammed love during the live stream of tournament. Soul Goblin becomes the only player to crosses 100 finish mark getting ready for the grand finale of BMPS season 1.

BMPS Teams qualified for Finals


BMPS Season 1 League stage points table

PositionTeamWWCDMatchesFinish PointsPlacement PointsTotal Points
1OR Esports948270292562
2Team SouL648274245519
3Team XO848216272488
4Nigma Galaxy448208219427
5Global Esports448230183413
6Hyderabad Hydras648195212407
77Sea Esports148226164390
8Hydra Official348171213384
9Enigma Gaming248186191377
10R Esports248164209373
11FS Esports248140232372
12Big Brother Esports248183169352
13Auto Botz Esports348164183347
14Team INS248172157329
15WSF Esports348164164328
16Team Kinetic148157171328
17Blind Esports148175153328
18ACBC Esports248155159314
19Team MG348100200300
21Retribution RTR348131150281
22GOG Esports148129150279
23Initiative Academy148120134254
24UP50 Esports1489283175

A unfortunate for some teams especially for teams blind finishing on 17th position with same 328 points as 15th and 16th position teams, playing really good gameplay but not able to qualify for the final of BMPS season 1.

BMPS Season 1 Grand Finals teams

  1. OR Esports
  2. Team Soul
  3. Team XO
  4. Nigma Galaxy
  5. Global Esports
  6. Hyderabad Hydras
  7. 7SEA Esports
  8. Hydra Official
  9. Enigma Gaming
  10. R Esports
  11. FS Esports
  12. Big Brother Esports
  13. Autobotz
  14. Team INS
  15. EsportswalaxWSF
  16. Team Kinetic

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