BGMI: How to Get Tesla Cybertruck & Roadster in Battlegrounds Mobile India

by Farhan Shaikh
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Battlegrounds Mobile India has brought a new vehicle Tesla with its latest 1.5 updates. The latest update of BGMI brings new cars and some other exciting features. Krafton has done a collaborated with a well-known electric car manufacturer Tesla.

However, players are already enjoying the Tesla features in the Mission Ignition mode. But many players are finding it difficult to get the in-game features. Here we will explain to you how to get Tesla Cybertruck and Roadster in BGMI.


How to Get Tesla Cybertruck & Roadster in BGMI?

Tesla in BGMI

In BGMI, there are two Tesla-themed vehicle skins, Dacia and Rony Pickup. The update has added six variants of the new vehicles, from which three are for Roadsters and three for Cybertrucks.

Tesla Cybertruck:

  • Black Quartz skin cost 2 Tesla Lucky Medals.
  • Dystopia Blue skin costs 3 Tesla Lucky Medals.
  • Splendid Silver skin costs 6 Tesla  Lucky Medals.

Tesla Roadsters:

  • Amethyst skin costs 2 Tesla Lucky Medals.
  • Digital Water skin costs 3 Tesla Lucky Medals.
  • Diamond skin costs 6 Tesla Lucky Medals.

Places to find Tesla Cybertruck and Roadster in-game

In the Tesla factory, the players can get Tesla Car and enjoy the ride. On the road, you will find Tesla Bike also. Apart from this, players can enjoy the Tesla Cybertruck and Roadster in-game. From the Cybertruck, you will find a huge amount of loot that will help you to win the game.

Here are some places to find Cybertruck:

There are three top areas to get  Tesla Cybertruck.

  1. Farm Area
  2. Querry Area
  3. Military Base

To get the Roadster, you need to redeem a particular skin by spending UC. However, you need to participate in the BGMI Tesla Drift event and follow the steps to unlock the skin.

Unlock New Skins for Tesla Cybertruck and Roadsters

Tesla Drift

To get Tesla Cybertruck skin and other rewards, players need to participate in the BGMI Tesla Drift event.

  1. Open BGMI game and  tap on the Tesla Drift event
  2. It will show car and some other rewards
  3. On the bottom right side of the screen, click on “Start Accelerating.”
  4. However, it will cost 60 UC
  5. After starting, you can purchase a boost to increase the speed
  6. If you accelerate, the ball will speed up
  7. When the speed reaches 0, the round will be concluded.

Rewards will be shown on the screen.

Price of UC for increasing the Speed:

  • Start: 60 UC
  • Speed 1: 60 UC
  • Speed 2: 180 UC
  • Speed 3: 420 UC
  • Speed 4: 600 UC
  • Speed 5: 900 UC
  • Speed 6: 2,900 UC
  • Speed 7: 3,600 UC

So, this is how you can get Tesla Cybertruck and Roadster in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

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