BGMI: How to Download a New Map in Battlegrounds Mobile India

by Farhan Shaikh

Just a few days back, Krafton has released BGMI for the iOS version after a long wait. Battlegrounds Mobile India is a rebranded version of PUBG Mobile that is available only for Indian players. The game is almost similar to the global version, it only has few changes with new rules.

All the maps in BGMI are the same as PUBG Mobile, and the Erangel map is available by default. If you want to play matches in any other map then you need to download the maps separately. So, if you are unaware of download the different maps in BGMI, then here we are to help you.

Below we have explained a full guide on how to download maps in BGMI.

How to Download a New Map in BGMI?

Download Maps in BGMi

First, let us check out the requirements to download maps.


  • The downloaded file of the map will be saved in the internal storage of your device.
  • You will need at least 4GB of internal storage.
  • Use Wifi to download the file faster.
  • Do not start the match-making while downloading the map.
  • Make sure your device has the latest OS.

Steps to Download the Map

There are different maps available including Sanhok, Miramar, and Vikendi that should be downloaded separately. By default, the game has an Erangel map.

Below are the steps to download the Map in BGMI.

  1. Open BGMI game on your phone
  2. On the bottom left side, click on select mode which is above the start button.
  3. Under the classic section, all the maps are available
  4. Click on the download icon which map you want to download
  5. Wait for the download process to complete.

Another Method to Download the Map in BGMI

  1. On the home page, click on the Download icon with a small Gift icon. This option is above select mode.
  2. Here you will see all the resource files for downloading.
  3. Under the Maps section, you will see all battle maps.
  4. Click on the Play icon which is next to the map
  5. The map will start downloading
  6. Once it is done, you can start playing the match on the map.

List of Maps AvailableĀ 

  • Livik (Beta)
  • Miramar
  • Sanhok
  • Karakin

Apart from that, there are some event maps, cheer park maps, arcade maps, arena maps, evoGround Maps, and arena maps that can be downloaded by following the same method shown above.

  • Arena Hangar
  • Traverse Insectoid
  • Cheer Park
  • Payload
  • Library
  • Domination Town
  • TDM Warehouse
  • Assault: The Ruins
  • Vikendi

We hope this guide was helpful to you. Stay tuned for more updates.

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