BGMI: Best Gun Combos in Battlegrounds Mobile India

by Farhan Shaikh
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In any battle royale game, having the best weapon is important to get the victory. The same thing goes for Battlegrounds Mobile India also, if you don’t have a proper weapon you might end up getting killed too early.

In BGMI, you need to survive and kill the enemies to get the “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”. For that, you will need a good gun combination, but there’s a problem as not everyone knows which gun combos are better. That’s why we are here to talk about the top Gun Combos in BGMI.


Top Gun Combos in Battlegrounds Mobile India

1. M416 + Uzi

M416 Uzi

This gun combo is for aggressive gameplay, as players need to cover both short-range and mid to long-range fights. With the Uzi, you can easily kill enemies in a face-to-face battle.  For mid to long-range fights, the M416 gun is better as it is paired with a scope and AR compensator.

2. Mk14 + Beryl M762

M762 has a huge recoil and is very hard to control because of its vertical and horizontal recoils. It is better for close-range fights. In close combat, you will need a deadly weapon so you need a compensate, quickdraw mag, vertical grip, and a red-dot. This makes Beryl a deadly weapon.

3. AKM + SKS

The AKM + SKS weapon combo is helpful in both close and mid-range fights. AKM gun is better for close-range fights, but when at a far distance, spraying bullets from SKS is better. Both of these guns have 7.62mm ammo.

4. DP-28 + M416

This gun duo is perfect for aggressive gameplay. It is better for long-range combat as it has great stability while firing. It has 51 damage and a fire rate of 0.109/s. And the M416 is used for short-range so you can attach it with red-dot sight or a 2x scope.

M416 and DP28 both use 5.56mm and 7.62mm ammo. It is the most deadliest combo in the BGMI game. DP-28 takes time to reload but if the enemy is in front of you, then you can immediately shift to M416.

5. Scar-L+Kar98

Scar L + Kar98

Kar98 is a Bolt-Action sniper rifle that is dangerous if shot at the head of the enemy. Scar-L is effective in close and mid-range fights and is the stable weapon of BGMI. If the enemy isn’t knocked down with one headshot of Kar98 then you can quickly switch to Scar-L.

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