Battlegrounds Mobile India: Full List of Things you can Transfer from old PUBG Account

by Farhan Shaikh
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Battlegrounds Mobile India is the rebranded version of the most popular PUBG Mobile that was banned in India in September 2020. Finally, the open beta testing is live on Play Store, and the good news for everyone is that you can get your old PUBG account on this new BGMI game.

The BGMI game has brought few changes, but the gameplay is almost the same as PUBG Mobile. The main question that came to everyone was will they be able to play the game from where they left off in PUBG Mobile in BGMI. When you download the game, it will ask you to log in using your Facebook or Twitter account. After that it ask you want to restore their account of PUBG Mobile.

So, as you can transfer your old PUBG account, let us check out what are the items that will be migrated.

Items that can be Transferred from PUBG Mobile to Battlegrounds Mobile India

Transfer old PUBG account to BGMI

The list of data that can be transferred is well-explained by the developers on the official website.


  • Nickname
  • Character ID


  • Basic Info (Avatards, Tags, etc.)
  • In-Game Mail
  • Tier and Stats (Only for Current Season)


  • Season Rewards and Mission Progress

Achievement System:

  • Points
  • Progress
  • Icons
  • Rewards Claim Status
  • Achievement rank data
  • Achievement Compare progress and overall progress (comparison progress is carried over, rank is not carried over)

Weapon DIY:

  • Acquisition Status of Rec. Layout
  • Layout Creation Status
  • Unlock Status (Pattern, Color,etc.)
  • Mirror feature available on the weapon pattern display

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Space gift

  • Space gifts (temporary / permanent)

Character System:

  • Acquisition Status
  • Level Info After level-up
  • Movement Unlock Status
  • Voice Unlock Status

Vehicle System:

  • Acquisition Status,
  • Vehicle Level
  • Part Unlock Status


  • Suit / backpack
  • Weapon skin
  • Vehicle skin
  • Cargo skin
  • Item (some of the items may not transfer due to the different system of the new app)


  • Clan Data Not Transferred


  • Platform Friends
  • In-Game Friends
  • Partner
  • Connection

RP pass

  • Purchase RP, level, points
  • Consecutive purchases of RP and EZ Mission license
  • RP Level Reward (Status, Reward), Trade Item (Status, Reward, Tradeable Amounts)
  • The status or choice of RP UC or AG rewards earned (the status of choosing UC or AG does not carry over, other items carry over)
  • RP theme set (status, reward); RP item (point card, vouchers, level-up cards, quest cards)
  • Re-launch box (box type, box item ban status, acquisition status, reward receipt, box ban option type, box ban option number, box ban expense, box replacement status )
  • RP season data file, week 1 leaderboard file, leaderboard reward file (only current season data is transferred)
  • Badge level, RP value for RP badge

Friend Circle:

  • Circle Data
  • Saved Photo Data


  • Merit Not Transferred


  • Ranking Not Transferred

In-game currency:

  • All in-game currency


  • CD
  • Vehicle Playlist System Settings

So, these are the items that can be migrated from the old PUBG account to Battlegrounds Mobile India.

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