Three Teams Disqualified from PMIS 2020, Why? Check out the New Lineup

by Farhan Shaikh
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PUBG Mobile India Series (PMIS) 2020’s First round is going on. Here we see so many teams battling for next round, but recently we have got the news that three top teams got disqualified from the second round. The reason is not confirmed yet, but the new lineup is here where we can see that three teams got replaced. To know everything about it, check the full article.

Three teams disqualified, New Lineup is here.

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From sources, we have found that these three teams are Infinite Warriors, Zleven Esports, and Team BigFans. These three teams were playing unfair games or using some unusual stuff, that is why these teams got disqualified. However, the detailed reasons are not known yet.

But the good news is that Team Insane, Team Powerhouse, and Team Invaders will replace all these three teams. The replacement is done by PMIS management only. They have taken this decision after checking the best team in that match slot.

If you do not have any idea about prize money of PMIS then check out this article, PUBG Mobile India Series 2020: Prize Money, Schedule, Rules & More.

More details about teams and their points:

  1. Team Infinite Warriors have finished their two matches with 38 points. They got the first rank in match 1, so management has disqualified this team and took the fourth-ranked team which is Team Insane as this team has finished 4th on the table with 27 points.
  2. In match 2, Team Zleven Esports finished with 36 points in the second place, so after disqualifying this team, management has taken Team Powerhouse as they were 4th on the table with 29 points.
  3. Team BigFans is replaced with Team Invaders, Team BigFans has 42 points, and they finished 2nd in 3rd match. Team Invaders has 24 points, and they had nine kills.

New Lineup For PMIS Quarterfinals

Total there will be 64 teams in quarterfinals of PMIS 2020.  Here we can check out all the teams who have made it to quarterfinals. Out of 64 teams, the 48 teams will be chosen on the basis of performance, Next slot will have 9 teams who have secured most kills in the first round and other 8 teams are directly invited to PMIS quarterfinals.

  • Match 1: Shikari eSports, Team Bope, Insane
  • Match 2: Fate Esports, LiveCraft eSports, Powerhouse
  • Match 3: VSG Crawlers, HYP Gaming, Team Invaders
  • Match 4: Team Tamilas, TheCrew Esports, F4 Rivals
  • Match 5: DarkTangent Esports, VikingX, Team ELITES
  • Match 6: Vendetta Esports, NewST, Team Falcon esports
  • Match 7: Team GODX, bYe Official, Team Fly High
  • Match 8: Team Legstump, Strong Hold, DC Officials
  • Match 9: ELEMENT esports, ARC, Team IND
  • Match 10: Oneshot Esports, I AM, Inside Out
  • Match 11: Initiative Esports, TENE8 Masters, Gods Reign
  • Match 12: TGW Officials, Mad Scientists Esports, FormationX
  • Match 13: LoopStorm, Engle, Team Xpert
  • Match 14: Warlocks, Shivaye esports, Team Mayhem
  • Match 15: EGxSAD, ORB officials, The Godfathers
  • Match 16: 100cc esports, Aztecs Esp, Nomads Official

Teams that got qualified for quarterfinals by doing most kills in their first-round games. Total 9 teams got qualified and here is the list:

  1. Thanos FTW
  2. Max Fault
  3. Lets Go
  4. Rising Baaz
  5. Totally Depressed
  6. PGSx
  7. F1 Dreamers
  8. Team VST
  9. 4Ace Esports

Moreover, we have 8 teams that directly got an invitation to quarterfinals. But from eight teams, Team SouL is not going to play PMIS, if you want to know why then check out the full article: Why Team Soul Not Playing PMIS 2020?

PMIS invited Teams

PMIS Invited Teams

  1. Celtz
  2. Tsm-Entity
  3. Fnatic
  4. SynerGE
  5. Revenge
  6. Megastars
  7. Orange Rock

Team Powerhouse and Team Insane have been invited directly to round 1 of PMIS. After they got knocked, so many fans got disappointed but nowhere is the good news for all of their fans. If your friends do support any of these teams, then let them know by sharing this article.

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