PUBG Mobile Lite 0.18.0 Update Leaks: New Map, Weapons & More

by Soumyaranjan Behera

A massive update is on it’s way to PUBG Mobile Lite. The update is the 0.18.0 version, and it’s sized approximately 500MB. The update brings new meta & gameplay that’s experienced by PUBGM players, to the Lite users.  We’ve made a list of the most exciting leaked features, for the fans out there waiting for the update eagerly. Some of the leaked features are mentioned below.

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The popular SMG UMP9 gets a revamp, and it’s renamed to UMP45. As the name suggests, it’s going to use .45 ACP ammo rather than the old 9MM ammo. With the change in ammo, the bullet drop, bullet traveling time, and recoil pattern of the game will be changed too.

The Ruins Map (TDM):

The hugely successful, “The Ruins”  map from PUBG Mobile in Team Deathmatch mode makes its appearance in the beta, hinting a permanent stay in the game after the update. This map will specialize ambushable battle rather than a 4v4 face-off seen in the Warehouse Map. There’ll be multiple sites to hold and rush to gain an advantage over the opponent in a battle.

P90 SMG:

P90 had made an entrance into PUBG MOBILE as an exclusive weapon for Livik map and Deathmatches. However, it’ll be available in PUBG Mobile lite as a regular spawn. P90 uses 9MM bullets and can hold up to 50 rounds in one magazine, making it a tremendous close-range combat weapon while rushing multiple enemies.


MP5K in PUBG PC and Mobile is considered as one of the best SMGs in close range. Unlike the PC & Mobile version where the gun can only be found in the Vikendi map, It’ll be available ad a regular spawned weapon throughout the map in PUBG MOBILE lite. MP5K uses 9mm ammunition & functional for hipfires even with minimal attachment.

Anniversary Theme:

It’s been one year since the inception of PUBG Mobile lite, and it has been successfully blowing the charts since then. As a greeting towards the players, PUBGM unveils the anniversary theme for the 0.18.0 update. The players will get an anniversary-themed background while teaming up in the lobby & also in the spawn Island. The game will complete one year of its launch on 25ty July.

PUBGM lite anniversery theme

1st Anniversary theme

New Vista:

The famous location Vista in Varenga map gets a revamp as the structures from Erangel’s ruins, replace the old vista. With more loot and hardcover, it’s expected to be a hot-drop later.

New Vista

Miramar Map:

After a vast number of requests from PUBGM lite fans, the developers have introduced the 3rd map after Varenga & Golden woods named Miramar. Miramar is famous for its tough terrains, high grounds, and long-ranged fights. This map may feature exclusive vehicles and weapons in the future.

Training Ground:

The Training ground is finally here. Players can now practice recoil control, movements, test attachments, and much more without affecting their statistics.

Sight attachments on Uzi:

The deadliest SMG just got more deadly with its compatibility to use Red dot and Holo sights for ADS. A lot requested the feature of players for a long time because the unorthodox iron sight of Uzi wasn’t satisfactory. Players usually preferred hipfire than scoping in because of this. But with this update, we might see a lot of players picking of Uzi as their first preference as a close combat weapon.

Uzi red dot in PUBG Mobile Lite

Holo Sight on UZI

Ledge grab:

Now you don’t need to be worried about calculating if you can jump onto a slightly distant object Successfully or not. With ledge grab, you can access many inaccessible places and climb on it which couldn’t be reached before because of their placement out of player’s jumping range. You can now press the jump button twice, and you can grab the ledge of slightly out of range objects. You can use this to climb roofs.

Ledge Grab

Grenade Mark:

With this feature, you don’t need to entirely depend on your sound sense to know if there’s an active grenade within your proximity or not. If you’re in proximity of an enemy’s grenade, then you’ll see a grenade mark on your screen until you move out of its deadly impact range. This is indeed a much-needed feature for those who couldn’t sense the direction of grenades thrown by enemies earlier.

Grenade Mark

The update is supposed to arrive on 25th July. For official confirmation and announcements follow Pubgmobilelite on twitter.  We at PlayerZon provide the latest gaming and sports news and tips and tricks. Follow us for more exciting upcoming news.
Image Credits: JK Gamer PUBGM Lite

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