PMWL West 2020: Teams Qualified for Super Weekend Week 3

by Farhan Shaikh

PUBG Mobile World League 2020 West League Play Week 3 has come to an end. From 20 teams, 16 teams have got qualified for PMWL 2020 West Super Weekend Week 3. The Super weekend will go on for three days, and it will start on 31st July.  Check out the list of 16 teams which are qualified for Super Weekend Week 3.

PMWL West 2020: Teams Qualified for Super Weekend 3

  1. Futbolist –¬†137 points (68 kills)
  2. Nova Esports Р102 points (40 kills)
  3. Team Queso Р98 points (48 kills)
  4. UDRKillers –¬†95 points¬†(38 kills)
  5. Loops Esports –¬†94 points¬†(40 kills)
  6. Pittsburgh Knights –¬†87 points¬†(39 kills)
  7. B4 Esports –¬†87 points¬†(33 kills)
  8. Team Umbra –¬†85 points¬†(26 kills)
  9. Yalla Esports –¬†79 points¬†(30 kills)
  10. Headquarters –¬†75 points¬†(29 kills)
  11. Wildcard Gaming –¬†73 points¬†(38 kills)
  12. KoninaPower –¬†72 points¬†(24 kills)
  13. DreamEaters –¬†60 points¬†(22 kills)
  14. Tempo Storm –¬†59 points¬†(27 kills)
  15. ¬†Frag Machines –¬†58 points¬†(15 kills)
  16. ¬†Team Unique –¬†47 points¬†(17 kills)

PMWL 2020 Super Weekend will follow a single-lobby format. The Prize money of PMWL 2020 West is $425,000.  All the users can watch live matches on the official YouTube Channel of PUBG. One can watch live matches on the scheduled days at 11:30 PM IST.

PUBG Mobile World League 2020 West Week 3 has 20 teams battling against each other to get a position in Week 3, which is a final week of PMWL 2020 West Super Weekend.

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