PMWL East 2020: Which Teams are Qualified for Finals?

by Farhan Shaikh
  • PUBG Mobile World Leauge East 2020 is started long ago. We have seen a lot of games, and finally, we have reached the stage where we will get to see our PMWL East 2020 Champions.
  • From starting a few teams are performing very well, and a few teams performance is going up and down. But now at the final none can take a chance.
  • The journey started long ago with a lot of teams, but in the end, we have only 16 teams who will be playing PMWL East 2020 finals.
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From India, we had 7 teams playing in PMWL East 2020. From all seven teams, six teams have qualified only Team NovaGodlike did not make it to finals. But the comeback from TSM-Entity is awesome. In the first week, TSM-Entity was on the 16th position, and now we can see them on 6th. Let’s hope best for them.

Apart from TSM-Entity, we can see GXR Celtz, Megastars and Orange Rock performing very well. This time there are good chances that any Indian team can take the trophy.

PMWL East 2020 Finals Qualified Teams

Here you can have a look at the list of teams who have qualified for PMWL West 2020 finals. On the top BTR RA is ruling with more than 500 points. BTR RA is defending champions, and they are not in a mood to lose this time also. So let’s wait for the finals, and we will find who becomes the PMWL West Champions.

  1. Bigetron RA – 522 points (223 kills)
  2. Box Gaming – 508 points (175 kills)
  3. RRQ Athena – 496 points (218 kills)
  4. King of Gamers Club – 461 points (187 kills)
  5. Team Secret – 432 points (181 kills)
  6. TSM-Entity –¬†416 points¬†(185 kills)
  7. GXR Celtz –¬†404 points¬†(154 kills)
  8. Valdus The Murder –¬†387 points¬†(156 kills)
  9. MegaStars –¬†387 points¬†(137 kills)
  10. Orange Rock –¬†355 points¬†(159 kills)
  11. T1 –¬†351 points¬†(119 kills)
  12. TeamIND –¬†324 points¬†(135 kills)
  13. Yoodo Gank –¬†284 points¬†(100 kills)
  14. SynerGE –¬†241 points¬†(92 kills)
  15. U Level Up Esports –¬†238 points¬†(81 kills)
  16. Reject Scarlet –¬†187 points¬†(74 kills)

If you have missed any games or anything from PMWL East, then you can check out our blog. We have covered almost everything about PMWL 2020.

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