BGMI: Top Most Important Loot Items in Battlegrounds Mobile India

by Farhan Shaikh

Battlegrounds Mobile India is the rebranded version of the most popular battle royale game around the world, PUBG Mobile. The game was banned in India due to security reasons last year in September. After that, the developers Krafton tried so hard to brings the game to the country, but the government did not give permission. So, they brought a similar version named Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI).

From the official launch of BGMI, the gamers are engaging themselves in different royal matches. In every battle royale game, loot is the most important thing for players. Having good loot like weapons, armors, accessories, and other things are essential in the game to fight with the enemies and win Chicken Dinner.

Let us check out the list of important Loot a player must have in the inventory.

List of Must-Have Items in BGMI

1. Scopes

Scopes in BGMI

Pro players of BGMI or PUBG Mobile always have scopes in their spare. The scope is an important role in the outcome of the match. There are so many scopes available in the game, starting from primary Red Dot sight to the mighty 8x scope.

For the weapons that are used for short-range combat, the users can use the Red Dot or the Holographic scope. And for the mid-range fights, they use 3x and 4x scopes. And in long-range combat, always select 6x and 8x scope. If the enemies stand out of range, then quickly switch the scope, aim, and fire.

2. Consumables

Consumables in BGMI

Consumable items can help you to reload your health in the game. The players must always keep few first-aid kits in their backpacks. Do remember that Medkits are good, but it takes longer to use. Take energy drinks and painkillers, as they increase the Adrenaline level to get passive healing.

3. Grenades

Grenades in BGMI

If you want to win a Chicken dinner, the player needs to have a proper strategy in BGMI. At this time, you must use techniques to get the enemies in the firing range. So, at such time, you must distract them. During these situations, throwables are helpful. You must use Frag Grenades, Stun Grenades, or Molotov Cocktails.

Focus mainly on the smoke grenades. They have so many uses in the game. Use Smoke to blind enemies’ sight, create cover to heal, and more. Watch professional matches and notice the amount of smoke on the map in the fight.

4. Protective Gears

There are three types of protective gear in BGMI.  Level 1 vests and helmets are easy to get as they spawn at every location on the map. In level 2, the gamers usually get vests and helmets after dropping on the map.

In Level 3, you can rarely find vests and helmets in the airdrops. They spawn in limited numbers on the island.

5. Attachable

Attachables in BGMI

On various maps, there are different attachables found that improves the performance of the guns. Players should use them to gain an edge over enemies. Add an extended Magazine that increases the bullet capacity of the gun. At the close-range fights, the extra bullets help to survive and defeat.

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