BGMI: List of Easiest & Hardest Titles in Battlegrounds Mobile India

Here's how to earn titles in BGMI.

by Farhan Shaikh

Battlegrounds Mobile India has many features to enjoy the gameplay. There are many in-game items that can be purchased via the in-game currency. However, here we are going to talk about the Titles in the BGMI game. Achieving Titles are hard as you don’t need to pay here but play games according to the requirements of the title.

In the BGMI game, there are different types of Titles from which some are easy to obtain and some are difficult. Here we will see the list of Titles and also how to earn them.


List of Titles in Battlegrounds Mobile India

List of Titles in BGMI

Titles in BGMI can be permanent or temporary. In the game, the developers bring various events regularly that provide the titles to the players. There are 20 permanent Titles in BGMI as shown below:

  1. Weapon Master
  2. Well-liked
  3. Moved Out
  4. Pacifist
  5. Collector
  6. Overachiever
  7. Chicken Master
  8. Deadeye
  9. Glass  Cannon
  10. BATTLEGROUNDSM Dominator
  13. Perseverance
  14. Perfectionist
  15. Unique Destiny
  16. Warhorse
  17. Veteran
  18. On a mission
  19. Mythic Fashion
  20. Lifelong Learner

Apart from this, there are season titles that are provided once you reach Ace, Ace Dominator, or Conqueror Tier.

How to Get Titles in BGMI?

To earn titles in BGMI follow the given steps:

  1. Open the game and click on Missions from the homepage
  2. Then click on Achievements options
  3. From the list, you can click on any Title you want
  4. Once you click, it will show you the required task to be completed to achieve the title.

Most Easiest Titles to Achieve in BGMI

Earning titles in BGMI is not that easy, but there are few titles that can be earned easily.

1. Well Liked:

To achieve a Well-Liked title in BGMI, the players need 1000 likes from the other teammates.

2. Weapon Master:

You need to complete the given tasks in the Solo classic server. You need to kill 6 enemies with six different weapons like Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle, SMG, Shotgun, Throwable, Vehicle.

Checkout the easy method to get Weapon Master title in BGMI.

3. Ace Title:

Reach Ace and earn Ace Title in BGMI.

4. Perfectionist:

To earn this title, the players need to purchase six consecutive Elite Royale Passes to reach their maximum rank.

5. Warhorse

In this players, need to complete any two missions from Assault Mastery V, SMG Mastery V, Melee Mastery V, Shotgun Mastery V, Sniper Mastery V, Pistol Mastery V.

Hardest Titles to Achieve in BGMI

These titles can be achieved by the only pro or rich players in BGMI.

1. Unique Destiny

The requirement for this title is to get 6000 achievement points.

2. Pacifist

The players who manage to get free chicken dinner get this title. You need to win a solo match with 0 Kills in Platinum Tier or above.

3. On a Mission

4. Mythic Fashion

5. Maxed Out

So, these are the details of Titles in BGMI. We hope this article was helpful to you. Stay tuned for more updates.

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