BGMI iOS Coming Soon, Krafton drops Hint about the Launch

by Farhan Shaikh
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Battlegrounds Mobile India has officially launched last month for Android devices. Since the launch every day we get different news about the release of the iOS version. As, Krafton has earlier claimed that, once the official release is rolled out for Android, at the same time, the game will be available for iPhone users also. But, it didn’t happen.

After the Android launch, Krafton was fairly tight-lipped about the whole matter. However, now the developers have given hint that the BGMI for iOS is coming soon. On the official Instagram page, a teaser of the game says the iOS version is in the works. However, no other information is revealed yet.

Is BGMI iOS Coming Soon? Krafton Gives Hint

BGMI iOS release hint

Krafton announces that BGMI has reached the 50 million downloads milestone and it tool Social media platform to announce the rewards. At every milestone, Krafton has announced rewards. At this announcement, there is a message that gives us a hint of the iOS version coming soon.

The message reads as,

 “We are preparing for all Indian players to receive rewards regardless of their OS (an apple emoji).”

As it has an Apple emoji, it suggests the launch of the game on the Apple App Store.

The developers have promised the in-game rewards, once the game crosses a certain limit of downloads. There are three milestones, 48 million downloads, 49 million downloads, and 50 million downloads. The first milestone gives you three Supply Coupon Crate Scraps, the second gives Three Classic Coupon Crate Scraps, and the third one gives you a Permanent Galaxy Messenger Set.

Now, let us wait for the official confirmation from the developers.

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