BGMI: How to Get Anna Character in Battlegrounds Mobile India

Anna is the new female character released in the game.

by Farhan Shaikh

The developers of Battlegrounds Mobile India regularly bring a new updates to the game with new features. The latest update to BGMI brought an Arcane game mode and a new character in the game called “Anna”. The character Anna was released on 19th November in the game.

Apart from Anna, BGMI brought four new characters in the game named, Sara, Andy, Carlo, and Victor. All the gamers can obtain the characters for free by completing the mission.

Krafton released a statement saying “Anna is here! Complete missions & unlock Anna for free! 🔥 Get ready to uncover the truth with Anna! ”

So, you must complete the mission and get the character at a low price.

All the new characters Sara, Andy, Carlo can be purchased with UC or character vouchers. These characters have some unique aspects like special abilities, variety of voice and outfits, and more. However, most of the players don’t get it because the characters are so expensive.

However, the players can get the characters at low prices by exchanging the character vouchers in the event. As of now, the developers are giving a chance to get the character for free. So, let’s check out how to get Anna character for free.

How to Get Anna Character in BGMI?

Normally, Anna character can be purchased by spending 570 UC. But now, you can get a discount as a new event named “Anna Joins the Battle” is released. With the 1.7 updates of BGMI, this event provides 350 vouchers to the players if they complete the given missions.

After completing the missions, the players can use the vouchers to get discounts while purchasing the Anna character. A player can get the character at just 350 UC.

  1. Open the BGMI game and go to the Inventory section
  2. From the left side click on Switch character
  3. Click on the BGMI character that you want
  4. Then click on Purchase and pay the UC to get the character.

You can use the character vouchers to get a discount on purchasing Anna character in BGMI.

For Anna character, the players need to collect vouchers on time if they want a discount. Currently, the character voucher event will go on till 26th November.

Character Voucher Event

The Character Voucher Event is still going on. Here is the list of rewards:

  • Log in for a total of 1 day- 10 vouchers, 200 BP
  • Log in for a total of 2 days- 20 vouchers, 400 BP
  • Log in for a total of 3 days- 30 vouchers,600 BP
  • Log in for a total of 5 days- 50 vouchers,1000 BP
  • Complete 1 match- 10 vouchers, 200 BP
  • Complete 3 matches- 20 vouchers,40 AG
  • Complete 10 matches- 40 vouchers, 4 supply crate coupon scrap
  • Spend a total of 60 minutes in the game- 15 vouchers, 350 BP
  • Spend a total of 200 minutes in the game- 35 vouchers, 650 BP
  • Defeat 12 enemies- 30 vouchers, 60 AG
  • Travel 2,000 metres in a vehicle- 20 vouchers, 2 supply crate coupon scrap
  • Travel 5,000 metres in a vehicle- 40 vouchers, 4 supply crate coupon scraps

Go to a workshop in the game and purchase the Anna character.

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