Garena Free Fire: List of Maps Available in Free Fire

by Farhan Shaikh

Garena Free Fire is a popular online battle royale game that has millions of players around the globe. In one match, a total of 49 players can take part and fight against each other for Booyah. Each match in Free Fire lasts for 10 minutes.

In Free Fire, there are different modes like Rank Game, Clash Squad Rank, Clash Squad Kalakari, Clash Squad Bermuda, and Classy Purgatory. Also, there are different maps available in the game to get Booyah.

In every battle royale game, Maps are important for all the players. Maps are the main location where everything happens in the game. However, in Free Fire, there are three maps available each with a different design.

Let us check out how many maps are there in Free Fire.

List of Maps in Garena Free Fire

Each map of Garena Free Fire provides a different experience to the gamers.

1. Bermuda

Bermuda Map

It is one of the most popular maps available in Free Fire. Mostly, all the players prefer this map to play the match. Bermuda is the first map of the game that is why it is popular. The Bermuda map is a normal island with many residential buildings. The weather is tropical and filled with vibrant colors.

2. Purgatory

Purgatory Map

The Purgatory map can be unlocked once the player reaches level 5. As the map is locked at initial levels, it is quite unpopular as compared to Bermuda. However, the map was removed when Kalahari was added to the game, but the gamers were not happy with this, so Garena added the map back to the game.

The island on Purgatory is based on tourist locations with the villa, Golf Course, Ski Lodge, and more. There is a residential side like Lumber Mill, Marbleworks, Field, Quarry, ad more.

3. Kalahari

Kalahari Map

Kalahari is a new addition to the Free Fire game. This map is different as compared to the other two maps in the game. It is a desert map that adds a different vibe to the game and the players find it quite interesting to play. If you are a great sniper player then this map is pretty good.  This map is well designed with big locations.


These are the three different maps available in Free Fire. The game has already crossed 500 million downloads and is one of the most played games on the Play Store.

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