Bollywood Star Hrithik Joins ‘Free Fire’ as a New Character “Jai”

by Farhan Shaikh

Free Fire has launched a new Character named “Jai” to celebrate its third anniversary. The new character Jai has similarities of the most popular Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan. On 29th August, Free Fire has brought this new character, which was a huge surprise for a lot of players. Usually, in every new update of the app, the developers introduce two new characters.

Hrithik Roshan In Free Fire as a new Character

At present, Free Fire has a total of 31 characters, and now the Garena Free Fire has announced the new character Jai. However, this is not the first character who is similar to a real-life person, but it is the popular Bollywood actor, so most of the players will be surprised. Other characters like DJ Alok and Luqeuta are based on real-life people.

But the big surprise was bringing Jai which is similar to Hrithik Roshan and that too before the next update. As before the update, the players have got a good surprise, so in the coming update, we can expect more exciting things to come. So, let know all the details about the new character Jai from Free Fire.

All about the new character Jai

Jai is a hero in the Free Fire game and also a trained civilian agent of the SWAT. Jai is the perfect character for all those players who like to hot-drop in the blazing fires. And if you like to challenge your opponents, then Jai is best. Hrithik is seen in many action-based movies, so the character of him will be with the same characters.

It is expected that Jai will have a special ability named “Furious Reload”, which will immediately reload the Gun. Furious Reload will be the best one in the clutch situations. With this skill, you can easily kill the squads without worrying about reloading.

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How to get Jai character in Free Fire?

In a Top-Up Event, Jai character has introduced on 29th August.  The character will be available in the game within 10-20 days. Most of them though that Jai will be available in the game as soon as the game has announced about it, but no, the game has just announced Jai character.

The in-game announcement about the event said,

Straight from the movie screens to Free Fire, Hrithik Roshan joins Free Fire as Jai. And we’ve come to hear that Jai might have a challenge for you to #BeTheHero! How excited are you?

The officials, have posted a picture on Instagram and said, the new character is coming soon,

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