PMWL West 2020: Super Weekend Week 2 Day 5 Results and Overall Standings

by Farhan Shaikh
  • PUBG Mobile World Leauge West 2020’s week 2 day 4 has ended and in the end, we saw team Loops Esports taking the lead and ranking the first one the table. But let’s check what happens today.
  • Week 2’s last day games have begun and after this, there are only one week games will stay remain. Let’s see which team becomes champion of PMWL West 2020.
  • In day 5 we can see cloud9 has secured two chicken dinner and they are leading on the points table with 416 points.
  • On the second position team loops esports is there with 397 points and 190 kills.
  • This time it is very hard to tell which team will win PMWL West 2020 just because daily we are observing changes in the points table.
  • Although cloud9 is having most points if any way they fail in league play then they won’t be playing next super weekend.
  • So this PMWL is totally unpredictable. You can assume anything. We have already seen in PMWL East that team Yoodo Gank took hat-trick chicken dinner in first super weekend and in second super weekend, they did not even qualify.
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PMWL West 2020 Super Weekend Week 2 Day 5 Schedule

Match Map
Match 1Erangel
Match 2Vikendi
Match 3Miramar
Match 4Sanhok
Match 5Erangel

PMWL West 2020 Super Weekend Week 2 Day 5 Results

GameMapWinner TeamPoints
#1ErangelNOVA28 (8 Kills)
#2VikendiCloud932 (12 Kills)
#3MiramarCloud926 (6 Kills)
#4SanhokNOVA28 (8 Kills)
#5ErangelTeam Queso27 (7 Kills)

PMWL West 2020 Super Weekend Week 2 Day 5 Overall Standings

  1. Cloud9 –¬†416 points (146 kills)
  2. Loops Esports Р397 points (190 kills)
  3. Futbolist Р345 points (155 kills)
  4. Pittsburgh Knights –¬†300 points¬†(116 kills)
  5. Wildcard Gaming –¬†296 points¬†(126 kills)
  6. Tempo Storm –¬†282 points¬†(117 kills)
  7. B4 Esports –¬†275 points¬†(106 kills)
  8. DreamEaters –¬†271 points¬†(109 kills)
  9. Team Unique –¬†250 points¬†(107 kills)
  10. Alpha Legends –¬†244 points¬†(89 kills)
  11. Team Queso –¬†222 points¬†(87 kills)
  12. Nova Esports –¬†219 points¬†(78 kills)
  13. KoninaPower –¬†214 points¬†(83 kills)
  14. Team Umbra –¬†183 points¬†(54 kills)
  15. Yalla Esports –¬†164 points¬†(68 kills)
  16. UDRKillers –¬†93 points¬†(26 kills)
  17. SWAT69 –¬†59 points¬†(23 kills)

PMWL West Top 5 Teams (Kill Leader)

  1. Loops Esports Р397 points (190 kills)
  2. Futbolist Р345 points (155 kills)
  3. Cloud9 –¬†416 points (146 kills)
  4. Wildcard Gaming –¬†296 points¬†(126 kills)
  5. Tempo Storm –¬†282 points¬†(117 kills)

So it was all about PMWL West 2020 super weekend week 2 day 5. If you want to know more about PMWL, then check out our other posts about PMWL East 2020 here: PMWL 2020 East Blog.


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