How to Find PUBG Mobile Lite Username (IGN) and Character ID?

by Sajil Memon

Just like PUBG Mobile, PUBG Mobile Lite has also gone viral and receiving an insane craze. Most of the low-end device users are downloading and regularly playing PUBG Mobile Lite. Needless to say, PUBG Mobile Lite has got almost all the features and feel of PUBG Mobile, which actually low-end devices users missed. Anyways, coming to the main point. So after PUBG Mobile Lite was launched, PlayerZon also started with PUBG Mobile Lite Tournaments and Matches. Just like any other game matches that need a Character ID or IGN to register, this game also has IGN and Character ID for each individual player and it is used to uniquely identify any player amongst other players. Whether to check any player’s stats or to Participate in PUBG Mobile Lite Tournaments/Matches at PlayerZon, you will need these two things, that is, PUBG Mobile Lite Username (in-game name) and Character ID.

PUBG Mobile Lite IGN or Username is a Unique Name that you were asked to select or choose yourself, of your choice, when you created your PUBG Mobile Lite Account. PUBG Mobile Lite Character ID is a unique number of 5-12 length that is assigned to your account to uniquely identify your account amongst other PUBG Mobile Lite Players. These both the identities can be used to search any player, check their game stats, send them friend request or report them. Also, PlayerZon uses this to identify players amongst all the participants in a PUBG Mobile Lite Matches or Tournaments. So here we are providing you with a step-by-step guide on how to find your PUBG Mobile Lite IGN or Username and Character ID.

  • Step 1: Open PUBG Mobile Lite and let it load to the home screen.
  • Step 2: At the top right side, you will find Profile Icon with a Name, Avatar, and PUBG Level. Click on it and you will be in your full Profile Dashboard which will show everything from your Account Details to the in-game stats.
    PUBG Mobile Lite Home Screen - PlayerZon
  • Step 3: In Main Menu of your Profile section, you can see your PUBG Mobile Lite Username (IGN) and Character ID at the top. You can use the Copy icon beside those options to copy any of them.
    PUBG Mobile Lite Profile PlayerZon

Also, besides the Profile Image, you can see a number which is your PUBG Mobile Lite Level.

That’s it. So you now know your PUBG Mobile Lite Username and Character ID. You can proceed ahead and make use of it or submit it in the PlayerZon App while registering for any Upcoming PUBG Mobile Lite Tournament or Match. Thank you!

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