Best Loot Location in PUBG New State Troi Map

by Farhan Shaikh

PUBG New State has received a good response from the players. The game is set in the future year 2051. As the game is new, many players are not sure where to land and get loot items.

Currently, the game has only two maps Troi and Erangel 2051. Troi is a new map as Erangel is already available in PUBG Mobile and Battlegrounds Mobile India. So, while jumping to a new map, players should know about the loot locations.

Let us check out the loot locations in PUBG New State on the Troi map.


Best Loot Location in PUBG New State

Given below are the best loot location that will help you get maximum loot. Remember that you will also get a lot of enemies on the way. So, make sure you land at a safe place with your squad.

1. Mall

One of the best loot locations in PUBG New State is Mall. This area is quite big and has enough loot for your whole team. The mall is in the middle of the map so you must quickly mode into the safe zone. Good loot is available with an early gunfight.

2. Factory

The factory area in Troi is filled with good loot items. Also, the team has the option of using a vehicle to go to the next zone. This area is perfect for racking up kills. It has a huge area that increases the loot space for the players. One of the perfect spots is a terrace, here you can get snipers. Easily you will get level 3 helmets, bags, and vests.

3. Chester

Chester is an area with high-tier loot. It is the best place for the players who want to play a safe game. There are multiple buildings, so your team can split and loot quickly. Mostly, you will have more options for guns. Also, you can call a drone shop as the place is wide.

4. Port

Port in PUBG New State is at the western edge of the map. There are multiple buildings that give you high ground while shooting the enemies. If you are stuck with the enemies, you can escape by swimming in the water.

5. Lab

Lab is at the top right corner of the Troi map. There are many laboratories here which makes it the best place to land, loot, and survive. At the parking lot, players can find vehicles. There is ultra-modern things like automatic doors, intruder alarm, and more.

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